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H.I.T.S. - Hedging & Institutional Tactics & Strategies

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Course Videos
HITS - Micah Brooks
HITS Introduction
Module 1 - The Institutional Perspective
Module 2 - The Institutional Perspective - Part 2
Module 3 Using Greeks to Manage
Module 4 Risk Reversals
Module 5 Pairs Trading
Module 6 - Merger Arbitrage
Module 7 - System Trading

Course Description

H.I.T.S. looks at the methods used at the institutional level to quantify and control risks, engage in arbitrage of various kinds, and using leverage in an appropriate and managed way. Strategies covered in the H.I.T.S. course include long/short equity pairs, interest rate arbitrage with equity options, merger arbitrage, and dynamic delta hedging on a position and portfolio basis. H.I.T.S. will also take a closer look at using the numbers to manage open trades and to set stops and targets. Variants of this include using implied volatility to project future ranges of price action, so more objectivity is used in placing these price points.

Overall, H.I.T.S. strives to give participants a "feel" for how hedge-funds and other institutional investors view and trade the markets.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand and apply arbitrage techniques in their arsenal of trading methods
  • Develop a better overall metric or risk
  • Gain further insight into how to manage delta and vega on open trades
  • Learn several strategies, which apply the techniques taught in the course
  • Recognize when to enter and exit the aforementioned strategies
  • Use options to hedge delta, theta, and vega
  • Use futures to hedge portfolio delta


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