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Hall of Fame

Elite Legacy Education Hall of Fame Nominations

The Hall of Fame is Elite Legacy Education's most prestigious award.

Every year, we recognize a handful of students who have achieved extraordinary success in their journey of financial education. Induction into the Hall of Fame is celebrated at an annual awards ceremony. This year, Legacy Education will conduct its Hall of Fame ceremony in Orlando, Florida.

Candidates for induction into the Hall of Fame are selected from submissions using one of the following two forms.

Hall of Fame Application for Real Estate

Hall of Fame Application for Stock

Nominees are then reviewed by a selection committee with inductees chosen by a committee vote.

Legacy Hall of Fame inductees join an elite group of our most successful students. This award is not only a testament to their incredible achievements, but also serves to inspire other Legacy students. It’s a powerful reminder that through the combination of financial education, hard work and persistence, students can achieve a newfound level of success.

Will you be the next Hall of Fame inductee?

To learn more about this prestigious award, please contact your mentor. If you don’t have a mentor, please contact your Elite Training Advisor to learn more.

  • Nominations are to be turned in no later than June 1, 2018
  • The nominated student should have started in training no longer than 5 years ago; from the day they entered the program until now
  • The final selection of inductees will be voted on by a panel at Legacy
  • If chosen, all information will be vetted

About Legacy Education Mentoring:

Legacy Education mentors help take elite students to the next level. Our mentoring program pairs you with a successful investor who works with you in a focused, one-on-one environment. The goal is to give you the customized learning you need to put you on the fast track to potentially achieving your financial goals.

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