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Foreclosure Strategies

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Course Videos
Foreclosure Strategies - Kathryn Butler
Module 1 Introduction to Foreclosure
Module 2 Finding Foreclosures
Module 3 Be a "Solution Provider"
Module 4 Evaluate Foreclosures- Value Analysis
Module 5 Financing Your Foreclosures
Module 6 Introduction to Strategies
Module 7 Equity Sharing, Buying at Auction, Tenant/ Owner Occupied, Redemptive Period and REO
Module 8 Introduction to Rehabbing
Module 9 Exit Strategies
Module 10 Wrap Up

Course Description

Foreclosure investing allows you to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a win-win for everyone involved. Pre-Foreclosures, auction, and bank owned (REO) properties provide a never-ending source of investment possibilities. All types of exit strategies (including wholesaling, retailing, buy/fix/hold, and lease option) can be applied to foreclosure properties that you pursue.

Course Objectives:
  • Identify the four parts of foreclosure investing: Find, Evaluate, Fund and Exit (FEFE)
  • How to complete a title search
  • Contrast state-by-state differences in foreclosure procedures
  • REOs: Describe the steps for locating, negotiating, and buying bank owned properties (REOs)
  • AUCTIONS: How to buy at a foreclosure auction
  • Pre-Foreclosures: Implement negotiating techniques when dealing with both homeowners and lenders
  • Short Sales: How to deal with banks regarding short sales
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