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Mind Over Money - EBS

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Course Videos
EBS - Mind Over Money
Module 01 - Success, Psychology, Mindset & Personality
Module 02 - Self Awareness, Perception & Image
Module 03 - Confidence, Self-Esteem & Powerful Positivity
Module 04 - Self-Discipline, Productivity & Effectiveness
Module 05 - Self-Motivation & Working Through Obstacles
Module 06 - Goal Setting & Overcoming Obstacles
Module 07 - Managing Time and Resources
Module 08 - Effective Communication
Module 09 - Conclusion

Course Description

What do high performance athletes and successful entrepreneurs have in common? They both understand the powerful role mindset plays in one’s success. This training is designed to help you identify and develop the psychological principles to business success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the principles of success psychology and mindset
  • Discover the connection between self-awareness and high performance
  • Explore the importance of confidence and self-expectancy
  • Define the elements of critical thinking and effective decision making
  • Understand the SMART approach for goal setting
  • Establish best practices for time management and high productivity
  • Consider the elements of highly effective communication
  • Understand how to handle conflict to facilitate resolution

This Class Is Right For:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a strong foundation for success in their business
  • Business owners who desire to better understand the mental and psychological aspects of business success


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