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Saving Money Through Debt Consolidation

By: Elite Legacy Education, December 7, 2016

Saving Money Through Debt ConsolidationDo you have loans from a variety of different sources, whether it’s mortgage payments, car payments, student loans or anything else? We all know that paying interest is no fun, but why pay more interest than you have to? There are options out there that can make your life much simpler in terms of having to...

Using Debt to Earn More

By: Elite Legacy Education, December 5, 2016

Using Debt to Earn MoreHow can taking out more debt actually help me to make more money, you ask? Seems kind of counterintuitive doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t need to be if you’re smart about how you use this leverage. Of course, this doesn’t mean to take out debt and spend it on frivolous expenditures. Rather, put it to work...

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