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The Value of a Legacy Education - Reviews from Legacy Students

By: Legacy Education Alliance, August 7, 2018

It is a common misconception - real estate investing is a “get rich quick” scheme. Those of us that take our real estate investing strategies seriously know that this is not the case. But when we tell our friends, family members, or acquaintances that we’re taking a step towards financial freedom by investing in real estate, this step can be met with skepticism.

So how do you know that you aren’t just falling prey to real estate as a “get rich quick scheme”, and instead ensure that you’re headed down the path of success? Education, mentorship, and accountability.

At Legacy Education, we believe that education is your toolbox to build a foundation of success. We aim to provide you with the best possible education in real estate investing. We do this by discussing slightly more complicated topics such as:

  • Investment strategies in buy-to-let, social housing, and land development
  • Covering more basic topics like how to find the right investors and how to close your first deal.

To build a house of success upon this educational foundation, we aim to surround you with mentors and investors further along in their journey. This is ultimately the most powerful way to translate your education into financial freedom. A mentor is there to hold you accountable along your journey, so that you’re turning your task list into actions, acknowledging your faults, and learning to play to your strengths. A mentor is there to check in with you at each stage of your journey, to advise you when setbacks occur, and to celebrate with you when successful milestones are achieved.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our real estate investing education, and on the mentors that make up our team of success. Many of our former and current students agree as you can see based on their reviews below. We look forward to meeting you in your real estate education journey!

Sara gave me a lot of insight into the property investment market and answered all my questions clearly. - Bijoux M.

I'm extremely happy with my call; it was very helpful and has given me more ideas for different strategies that could work alongside the ones I had in mind. Very professional and nice to speak to a genuine person who's been where I am currently which helps give more incentive on me going forward with property. - Lee W.

Very positive making me believe that before even attending the course my money has definitely been invested into Legacy Education wisely. - Sandeep R.

Very impressed with Legacy's commitment to their students. I appreciated the Let's GO call as it consolidated in my mind that I am setting up a business, it gave me some focused research to do which in turn has made me see that I can get on with developing my business even before the training. - Emma S.

The call is definitely worth the time as it gives an insight into what’s to come in the 3-day course. Rachel was very very knowledgeable; she knew exactly what she was talking about and answered all questions and queries with care and expertise! - Pooja J.

My investment already paying dividends. My strategy call gave me some invaluable tools to make progress and speaking to an experienced investor increased my confidence greatly. - Alan W.

I've never known 45 minutes to go so fast. Really interesting talking to someone who has really been there and done it. Gives me a different perspective on my current situation and some ideas for moving forward. - Gerry M.

I would like to say a very big thank you for your advice and input last night. The information you shared with us was very informative and reinforced our drive, re-focused us and pointed us in the right direction to forward. - Dunica S.

The call was very useful and showed that people are out there who care and want to look after you to ensure that you are on the right track. All questions asked where answered and guidance I was seeking was supplied. Overall very useful and beneficial to starting my career. - Jamie E.

I had a brilliant T2 strategy call today, it has got me back on track. The call helped me with my research for property so now I am confident I can find my area and properties to put in bids for, thanks again to Legacy Education. - Jeff G.

It was an enlightening experience. Very well done with so much effort to instill some belief to oneself that if somebody else can do it, then I can do as well. I am so grateful for having received support in this way. -

Ernest C.

Gave a great opportunity to bounce off ideas, reassurance that we're still on the right track, and additional motivation to keep going. - Steve F.

Valuable information, quality guidance and the most honest feedback I could ask for. Would I recommend it? Most definitely!! - Mohamad K.

A very insightful T2 strategy call. Walking us through his train of thought every step of the way, it has given us a glimpse of what it means to be a property investor. He's shown us other ways to juggle and balance the numbers  - Steven Y.so that we can have a positive cash flow, and also shown us what to look for in a property.

Excellent feedback and advice on what to look for to avoid buying in the wrong areas. Tools for how to find the right areas, and resources that allow you to dig deeper into the research before making a trip to the actual sites. Very reassuring to make sure you are on track. - Alexander B.

After family bereavement and job problems, I felt I'd hit rock bottom. As a single mum, I knew I had to do something positive for us to survive. The training helped me to build a property portfolio worth £1m in three years, I won the Landlord Award in 2009 and 2010 and I've just opened my second letting agency. Heather M

Loved the no-nonsense and clear approach of the course. Not a moment wasted. I learned so much even though I have been property investing for 7 years. All areas were invaluable.-

Paula C

Built up a portfolio of just under £2m in a year from distressed and repossessed property. I kept talking about property. My wife cut out an advert from a local paper and made me call. I have not looked back. Helped me go from my own single property to 19 properties in 13 months. - Alan

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU for providing me with the skills to turn things around. I was losing around £4,000 per month but now my portfolio is £2m cash positive and looks after itself. The journey has been extraordinary. I no longer bury my head in the sand, and I’ve put my theory into action and become a successful Property Investor. - Parmi J.

The standard of education is so high and there is so much information, so much personal experience to gain from the trainers that you can't actually get from textbooks. - Sheila M.

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