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Top 5 Tips to Avoid the Forsaken Spam Folder

By: Elite Legacy Education, March 6, 2018

Your email list is a goldmine. This is all but true when your communication attempts keeping landing in that forsaken spam folder. Because think about it, who is really going to go searching through their junk folder looking for an email from a business? Unless it’s something important they’re expecting related to a purchase or even a customer service response, the answer is likely no one – or at least very few.


Loved by users, feared by businesses.


We’ve probably witnessed this firsthand as email users ourselves. The day has come where email inboxes are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in protecting their users. With the help of the spam mail folder, email software filters through and seeks to remove what it deems as unwanted email – especially from businesses. This presents grave challenges for those businesses wanting to communicate via email.


Gmail in particular presents a whole new challenge with Google’s introduction of the notorious “Promotions” folder. Odds are that emails from any unknown business address will automatically be detected and placed in this folder that users visit quite infrequently. We all know that the inbox is the prime location of choice since that is the first place users check when accessing their email accounts. With that said, you’ll want to avoid falling into the spam trap at all costs.


What you can do to better your odds of avoiding the spam folder.


Here are some of our best practices to increase the likelihood that you’ll earn a spot in someone’s inbox.


  • Have people add you to their contact list. Although you can’t guarantee they will, it is in your best interest to encourage users to add your main email communication account to their address book. In the case that they do, this can eliminate any worries of being greeted by the spam folder. Essentially this tells the email management system that they know your business and won’t block your incoming emails. However, customers don’t always do what we would like them to, so here are some more tips to follow.


  • Build your email list organically versus purchasing it. Don’t take this piece of advice lightly. You will want to build your own email list organically rather than buying one from a third party. Like we’ve mentioned already, email management software is becoming extremely complex and smarter too. The last problem you need is ruining your reputation with the software for making unsolicited contact with purchased emails. This can have lasting effects especially if your email is permanently marked as a spam sender. After that, you will need all the luck you can get to surpass the junk folder.


  • Always use a reliable email service provider (ESP). Using a reliable ESP can determine whether you have a fighting chance to begin with. Some ESPs have gained a reputation for supporting spam messengers and are penalized accordingly. Therefore, any users of that particular provider are more prone to the treatment that typical spam senders receive.


  • Be aware of the wording you use. As we mentioned, email software is becoming much smarter. You need to be careful of the wording in your email content, in particular words like “free,”“promotion,” and others along those lines. Not that you can’t or shouldn’t use them at all, we just warn you to be cautious in how many times they are used. If the email system thinks your intentions are suspicious, it could just go ahead and mark you as spam.


  • Consistency is the key. Being consistent alone won’t necessarily keep you out of the spam folder, but it does help to keep you at the top with users. The issue lies more with infrequent communication for a duration of at least one month between communications. In these cases, recipients may not recognize the sender and mark you as spam. Also, if they don’t open your email then it can signal to the email management software that they are not interested. This can have effects down the road as it may automatically mark you as spam.


Follow these best practices and you’ll be on your way to reaching someone’s inbox. We want you to take full advantage of your golden email list so be sure to check out all of the ways Rich Dad Education can help you reach your goals.

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