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Make More Money with Less Effort

By: Elite Legacy Education, February 22, 2018

Making more money with less effort is something I’m sure you want to do – so why don’t you? Of course, this requires some effort on your end, but it really isn’t too difficult. And once you’ve got it going, you can reap the benefits indefinitely.


How do you actually achieve this, you ask?


Start off by thinking about a traditional sales funnel. This commonly begins by gathering a list of prospective contacts in one way or another. While reaching out to these individuals, some show interest in your offering and become a lead. Finally, you attempt to convert these leads into paying customers. This process is carried out through your personal efforts or with the help of a sales team. Now imagine if you could eliminate the salespeople and fully automate this funnel online. This is what we call a digital sales funnel.


Here’s why you want a digital sales funnel in your business.


Well of course it would be nice to make more money without any effort on your part, right? In this case, the only effort required is while setting the funnel up. Beyond that, your time and effort becomes an investment in the effectiveness of this new revenue stream.


The various mechanisms of the funnel explained.


There are a few components to the digital sales funnel that you should be aware of. Here’s what they are and how they work:


  • Lead Magnet: The first step is to attract potential leads. Your lead magnet is the key for attracting these individuals. Generally, this should promote a particular offer relevant to your business. Not only should it be relevant, but the user should also want to click on it. Businesses commonly offer free e-resources.
  • Landing Page: Once you entice someone to click on your lead magnet, you will direct them to your landing page. Here they will find the offer that was previously advertised. Generally, this will outline some type of free online resource that you are offering. As we mentioned, this should be relevant to the nature of your business.
  • Email Signup and Lead Capture Form: In exchange for the free resource, you will want to collect their contact information. Such information is required from the user before you send over the free gift. Also be sure to include an option for users to allow you to communicate with them – this is extremely important!
  • Send the Offer: Once you receive their contact information as well as permission for further communications, you can go ahead and send them the actual offer. The beautiful part of this is that you can automate the sending of the gift. There are many options for email management software, like Mail Chimp for example, that allow you to create an email auto responder series.
  • Follow-up with Relevant Content: The automated email series doesn’t need to end with the free offer. You can continue to reach out to the lead and work to build some rapport with the individual. Make sure you are adding value to their lives to avoid coming off as annoying. The key is to not abuse their time and trust since they have essentially granted you access to their prized personal inbox.
  • Pitch Your Paid Offering: After an appropriate amount of time, ideally the user will trust you and your business as being valuable to them. At this point, you can pitch a paid offering of yours and hopefully make some money. It’s been said before that a customer requires eight touch points with a brand before they will purchase, so this is a perfect way to do exactly that.


After you’ve created the necessary content for each of these stages, you can fully automate them to work seamlessly. And you know what this means, right? No more effort is required on your end once a lead clicks on the lead magnet.


Incorporating a digital sales funnel into your business.


Digital Products. This one is the most straightforward. Essentially, you can set it up so that the delivery of your product happens automatically. This will streamline the buying process into a fully passive sales funnel.


Physical Products. In this case, you have the potential to fully automate your sales funnel for physical inventory products. Whether you use drop-shipping techniques, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or employ a business manager, the choice is yours. Otherwise, you will still have to manually fill the orders. Regardless of your decision, you can fully automate the process up to the delivery of your final paid offering.


Service-based Businesses. Here you can use a digital sales funnel to generate more warm leads for yourself. The other option is to take things a step further and generate paying customers too – why settle for less, right? Unless your services can be automated and delivered digitally, you will generally have to actually perform the service once you have landed the sale. So unfortunately you can’t make this type of business completely passive.


As you can see, the idea of a digital sales funnel basically works for all types of businesses with a website. Whether you are a fully e-commerce business or a local-based operation, you can benefit from a digital sales funnel. However, depending on the nature of your business, you may want to convert leads to customers via telephone rather than emails. But don’t forget, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use email to still add value to your current and prospective customers’ lives.


How you decide to implement a digital sales funnel will require some creative work on your end. Ask yourself, do you like the idea of adding an additional revenue stream? The more money the better, right? We are with you on this one so be sure to learn about all the ways Rich Dad Education can help you reach your goals.

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