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Convert More Leads Into Paying Customers

By: Elite Legacy Education, January 17, 2018

Do you ever wish you could convert more of your leads into paying customers? We’re going to show you how to increase your odds of doing so. From timing your offers better to delivering more relevant content, here are our top 6 tips for converting more leads into paying customers.


1) Better timing of your sales pitch. If you’ve read our article about the buyer’s journey, you may remember that there are three stages a user goes through before making a purchase – awareness, consideration and decision. It is important to recognize this so you can nurture leads through each stage until they are ready to make that decision to purchase. At this point, you can then present your offer to those whom you’ve determined are most likely to purchase.


2) Heavy coordination between marketing and sales activities. In order to better time your sales pitch, a lot of cooperation is required between marketing and sales functions. Since generating leads is a marketing activity, this area of your business should know where the user stands in the buyer’s journey. With this information, marketing can then share this knowledge with sales personnel so they don’t make the pitch too early or too late. Additionally, marketing can provide some guidance in terms of content that the specific lead would find useful and would help nurture them further into the buying process. A tactic that can be used is to link your CRM and sales automation software. This way, certain content can be pushed to specific leads based on various data points in your CRM database.


3) Increasing the quality of acquired leads. Unfortunately, not all leads are created equal. You will want to ensure that your leads are highly targeted around your ideal customer. By doing so, you will be reaching the people who are most qualified to purchase from you. These are consumers who can truly benefit from your product or service. This is much more efficient than just casting a wide net and hoping to land some conversions from it.


4) Improving lead capture information. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your odds of converting a lead into a customer. Sometimes you might be collecting the wrong information from leads, or simply may not be gathering enough information from them. This can be as easy as adding one more question to a lead capture form that will help you to learn about the user’s interests. For example, there’s a travel company that always uses this tactic. At the end of its customer surveys, there is always a question asking which continent the customer would like to travel to next. Think about this for a second. Rather than just asking for basic contact information, the travel company can now target its offerings more accurately. Specifically, that user will receive more content and offers related to the destination specified in the survey.


5) Finding the optimal time to follow-up. Now this doesn’t automatically assume you should follow-up as fast as you can. There are times when you may want the lead to have some time to think things over, as opposed to other situations where you should act fast. In either case, the best time to do so is when your brand is on the mind of the user. Really, it depends on the nature of the interaction. For instance, if you are offering a free guide that is downloadable via email, it is recommended that you follow-up quickly since the user is likely trying to access the resource right then and there.


6) Find other sources of qualified leads. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to turn to paid sources for leads, rather than relying solely on organic results. Combining the two can yield great benefits for your business. Of course, this works best when the purchased leads reflect the traits of your ideal customer. This may mean that they come from other businesses relevant to what you’re offering, or from those who are targeting a similar audience as you.


So there you have it, our 6 tips for converting more leads into paying customers. If there’s one thing you should take from this, it’s to ensure that your leads are ready to be sold to. Someone who is ready to hear your pitch has all the necessary information to make an informed decision. There’s nothing worse than selling to someone who isn’t ready and ends up being scared off. The opposite situation is just as frustrating, which occurs in cases where you take too long to sell to someone and they turn to a competitor. This is only one of many ways Elite Legacy Education can help you reach your goals.

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