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Driving Sales through Webinars

By: Elite Legacy Education, December 15, 2017

While webinars may not sound all too exciting, they present a reliable source of income for the B2B companies that can effectively leverage them. Did the ‘reliable source of income’ part catch your attention? Well keep on reading to find out how you can drive more sales through the use of webinars.


What is a webinar?


A webinar is basically the Internet-version of a seminar. And as we know, a seminar is essentially a presentation - usually to teach something. Generally, it combines the use of both audio and visual. Specifically, a slide deck is presented on the screen while attendees listen as you walk them through it. However, don’t feel that you need to restrict yourself. Perhaps, you want to use a webinar to walk your audience through a live and interactive software demo. We’ve also seen this done by companies. Just know that there are tons of software available online to help you run your webinar.


Why are webinars so useful?


Really, the true value of webinars is their ability to help you condition leads and bring them much closer to the point of purchase. That said, webinars can be very useful in the conversion stages of a digital sales funnel. Here are some more key points:


  • Very focused, face-to-face time: Generally, when people sign up for a webinar and take the time to sit down to watch it, they are very interested in what you are presenting. This allows for a very focused and engaged interaction between you and prospective customers.
  • A chance to demonstrate your knowledge: This gives you chance to show that you know what you are talking about. It allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry by sharing your expertise.
  • Provide fundamental understanding, but keep your secrets: In your webinar, you are encouraged to share fundamental principles relevant to the issue you are tackling. However, the true secrets and tactics are what you sell – so keep them to yourself for now. Essentially, you want to help your audience understand the basics of a topic so they can turn to you with more advanced questions.
  • Cheaper than a live seminar: Yes, that’s right. A webinar is much cheaper than organizing a live seminar. You might as well take advantage of this increasingly digital age.


How you can use webinars in your business.


Webinars are a great way of generating sales, especially for products that share any of these traits – online, digital, informational, complex or customizable. Here are some specific ways you can use webinars in your business.


  • Opportunity to build rapport. Take advantage of the webinar to truly build rapport with your audience. Don’t be afraid to let some personality out and answer your audience’s questions. You will be rewarded in the long-run for it.
  • Collect contact information. At the very least, you are going to want to at least collect the contact information of your attendees. This way, you can send them down an email funnel and continue nurturing these leads.
  • Drive a sense of urgency. Often at the ends of webinars, a special offer is presented on top of the initial offering in order to drive a sense of urgency. These offers are typically limited time deals which also help the case.
  • Drive deeper customer interaction: You can use webinars to drive deeper customer interaction. Not just during the webinar, but after too. By sharing your personal strategies or tactics about tackling a specific problem or using a software, it can help to get ideas formulating in the minds of your audience.


7 best practices for hosting a webinar.


  1. Collect contact info at sign up. This way, you can send last minute reminders as you approach the date and time of the webinar. Afterwards, as we’ve already mentioned, you can you’re your audience down an email funnel.
  2. Offer a bonus at the end. This encourages people to stay until the end. Also, by adding bonuses to your initial offering, it may persuade people to act sooner and make a purchase.
  3. Save your pitch to the end. It goes without saying that if your bonuses are at the end, you should save your pitch until the end too.
  4. Don’t give away all of your secrets. Yes, you can give away a lot of your insights, but there are some you should keep to yourself. These are the ones you bundle into your product offerings and consulting services. Remember, you want to help with fundamentals.
  5. Have a results-focused title. Try making the title of the webinar related to an outcome the attendees can expect to experience after attending the webinar.
  6. Keep it around an hour. In our experience, somewhere around an hour is a reasonable length for a webinar. Typically you don’t want to go much longer than that since you want to respect people’s time. However, they do run late sometimes which is understandable.
  7. Offer a replay. Sometimes people sign up and something comes up last minute so they can’t attend. This is a good way to not penalize those who cannot make time in their schedule, but would rather watch it at a later time.


All in all, webinars are not something to underestimate or save for a later date. These interactions with your customers have serious benefits to be realized. So remember, this is just one of many ways Elite Legacy Education can help you reach your goals.

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