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How to Stay Motivated in the Toughest Times

By: Elite Legacy Education, November 2, 2017

Motivation. It’s quite noticeable when you are deeply motivated to achieve something, but it’s also very obvious when you’re lacking it completely. Of course, motivation is a major key to success, so how can you stay motivated in tough times? We’ve got all the answers for you!


What is motivation?


If you want to understand what motivation is and how it works, think about a time when you clearly lacked the motivation to complete something. When you look at it this way, motivation can be seen as the driving force that keeps you focused on achieving a particular feat. Psychology Today describes motivation as the difference between waking before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around all day. Of course, a lack of motivation leads to the lazing around scenario.


How to motivate yourself


The best way to stay motivated on something is to actually care about it. You may have heard experts talk about discovering your ‘why’. This refers to the reasons why you’re actually spending your time on a particular activity. For example, it may lead to more opportunities, financial benefits or anything else you value. Beyond that, you need to:


  1. See the motivation – feed your mind with motivational quotes and other inspiring stories to keep you on track
  2. Hear the motivation – again, fuel your brain with podcasts, videos and other auditory forms of motivation
  3. Speak the motivation – to truly embrace motivation, you need to speak in positive terms that reinforce everything else you’ve been seeing and hearing.


All of these three elements are vital to your success, but all of this motivation is meaningless unless you act on it. And only then will you truly live and embody the full force of your motivation.


How to motivate others


Have you ever heard that positivity breeds positivity? The same thing goes with motivation. If you are so incredibly motivated, those around you won’t be able to help but feel the energy radiating from you. It’s contagious! Those around you will take note and want to level up for themselves. Just by being motivated yourself, it can affect those around you.


Motivation killers and how to avoid them


  1. Outlook and perspective – the view you have of your circumstances will play a huge role in your overall motivation levels. This is the difference between seeing a challenge as a learning opportunity or a setback. Of course, by seeing this as new opportunities for learning, it’s more likely that you’ll stay motivated and work through the issue.
  2. Unclear direction – setting goals is the quickest way to add direction to your life. Without them, you can’t have a clear direction as to where you’d like to be. This creates sense of directionless effort (which is never pleasant).
  3. Avoiding small wins – it’s one thing to set goals, but you’ve got to break your long-term goals into bite-sized short-term ones. This makes each goal seem more attainable and sends your brain a rush of dopamine each time you complete one. It will really help to build your momentum and keep your motivation rolling.
  4. Lack of routine – again, this comes back to having a lack of direction. By starting your day with a habit or ritual, you can focus on what you need to do for the day. This helps you stay motivated as you will be thinking about what you need to complete that day in order to move forward.


These are just some of the many ways Elite Legacy Education can help you reach your goals.

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