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Generating Leads through Social Media

By: Elite Legacy Education, September 18, 2017

Social media can be considered the fun part about running a business, but it requires a lot of effort nonetheless. So with all of this effort, how do you make sure that it’s all worthwhile? How can you ensure that it actually helps to drive sales for your business? Here we’ve broke it down by platform and how you can use each one to generate more leads for your business.



Here are some tips so you can start driving more leads with Facebook.


  • Paid ads: The quickest way to getting your business in front of more eyes is with Facebook ads. You can promote your homepage or a specific landing page with a lead capture form. The key here is to ensure that traffic is directed to a page where you can collect the user’s email address and name at the very least.
  • Promote your content: Through regular posts, or even with the help of ads again, you can promote your content such as blog posts. However, the key to generating the lead is to have a lead capture at the bottom of the blog post or somewhere on the page.
  • Promote lead magnets: Lead magnets refer directly to free resource guides and whitepapers that you can offer your audience. In exchange for these, you should require users to provide their email address so you can send the file to them.
  • Contact features: And of course, you can’t leave out the most direct route. By using the contact features on Facebook, you can chat directly with potential customers through Messenger.



Instagram is just as effective for driving leads – check out these suggestions.


  • Paid ads: Just like Facebook, you can utilize paid ads on Instagram. In fact, both of them are accessed through the same Ad Manager on Facebook. You can use similar tactics that we mentioned for Facebook.
  • Drive traffic to ‘Link in Bio’: This is where Instagram differs from Facebook. On Facebook you can post a link directly into a photo caption, but not with Instagram. On Instagram you must leverage the single link that can be placed on your profile and drive traffic to it. Keep this in mind as it directly applies to the next two suggestions.
  • Promote your content: Again, very similar to Facebook, you can highlight various pieces of your content on Instagram. In the caption of the post, you will want to send traffic to the ‘link in bio’.
  • Promote lead magnets: This one is again very similar to Facebook, so drive traffic to the link in your bio where people can access the resource.
  • Contact features: Instagram has contact features just like Facebook once you’ve verified your business. Be sure to take advantage of these.




Now we get into Snapchat. This one differs slightly from its top competitors – Instagram and Facebook – given the nature of the platform.


  • Provide product demos: By showing your product or service in action, you can encourage users to reach out to you. This brings us to our next point.
  • Take it past Snapchat: Don’t hesitate to ask your audience if they would like to connect further than just Snapchat. You can suggest having an in-depth phone call that lasts for more than 10 second intervals.
  • Promote your content: The fundamental idea here is similar to that of Facebook and Instagram. However, it requires you to be cleverer on Snapchat. Here, you will want to shorten the link that promotes your content. Then you will want to include it on the photo and ask viewers to screenshot it so they can remember the link.
  • Promotions and discounts: You can have fun with Snapchat’s limited time, disappearing features. By offering giveaways and discount codes, you can ask users to screenshot the message and then contact you directly.



Finally, we have Twitter. This conversation is great for networking and can be a great source of leads for your business – especially B2B ones. This platform is a lot more like Facebook since you can directly post links in statuses. For this reason, we won’t dive into too much detail about the tactics that can be transferred from other platforms. However, we do encourage that you really use Twitter as a networking tool to connect with those who could benefit from your services. There are tons of ways to find these people too. Here are some suggestions:


  • See who is following your competition
  • Search using key terms to find out who is sharing about similar topics
  • Get on there, browse and simply interact with other users


As you can see, social media is a force to be reckoned with - so long as you are using it in a way that contributes to your bottom line. And with that, we’d like to invite you to learn all the ways Elite Legacy Education can help you reach your goals.

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