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8 Traits to Look for in a New Hire

By: Elite Legacy Education, September 5, 2017

So, the time has come to hire someone new. Maybe an existing position has opened up, or a new role is being created. Maybe your business is growing so rapidly that you need to take work off your own plate, or perhaps you want to create more specialized roles in the workplace. Whatever the reason, hiring can be tough. Besides finding someone who looks good on paper, the person should also fit in with your team. Hiring is just as much about qualifications as personality.


Although there may be some specific skillsets that are required, we have compiled some traits that you should look for in your new hire. We’ve focused on transferable skills that are applicable and relevant to any job. Essentially, by following these steps you will be positioning yourself to find a candidate that is adaptable, eager and willing to learn how they can fit into your business to add value.


Here are eight traits to keep an eye out for:


  • Ambition and willingness to learn – This is typically the type of individual who are willing to learn and grow with your business. They welcome challenges, and are good problem solvers alone as well as in group settings.


  • Responsible and accountable – You want someone that you can rely on to get things done. You also want someone who is accountable and will take responsibility for their actions. Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile, but it's important that an employee own up to failures. Even better, turn them into positive learning experience for future improvement.


  • Aligns with your vision – Especially in small business settings, it’s absolutely vital that the candidate is able to align with your vision. After all, you’re hiring this person to directly help you realize this vision so they better be able to see it. You should be able to sense this almost right away when you meet someone new. Don't be afraid to ask tough questions about your candidate's values.


  • Diverse from you – To balance the point above, it is also important to hire someone who has new viewpoints and opinions to offer. Although you may enjoy doing everything yourself in your own particular way, it’s good to hire someone that’s different from who you are. This way, you are exposed to fresh perspectives and skill sets that you may not possess.


  • Results-oriented – You want someone who focuses on getting results. This is someone who can follow guidelines closely, but tweak them if need be in order to achieve the desired results. They should be independent enough to make those decisions, but perceptive enough to ask the right questions when the situation calls for it.


  • Team player – Of course, someone who can function in a team setting is always beneficial. Not everyone is a social butterfly, but good employees are able to work in groups even if they have an introverted personality.


  • Strong communication – Communication if the keystone of any successful workplace. Almost all jobs require strong communication as a qualification whether it’s written or verbal.


  • Responsiveness and timeliness - Prompt replies and quick turnovers are every employer’s dream. Being able to work efficiently through tasks, and keep team members in the loop is winning combination.


When it comes to hiring someone to help you run your business, you need to be able to rely on them to get the job done. And done right at that. Use this as a guideline for finding your new hire and don’t be afraid to add in additional skills requirements and traits as you see fit. Remember, this is just a starting point. Find what works best for you and your business. After that, be sure to learn all the ways Elite Legacy Education can help you reach your goals.

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