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Driving Sales Through Pinterest

By: Elite Legacy Education, August 30, 2017

All too often, businesses flock to the most popular social media platforms to build a presence – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – without even considering other options that are available. But, what about Pinterest? It offers huge potential for businesses, yet it is spoken about much less than the three previously mentioned. Well, we’re going to shine some light on Pinterest and how you can use it to drive more sales for your business.


What is Pinterest?


Often overlooked, Pinterest is a social media platform where users can share visual content based on one’s interests. Users are able to “pin” posts that they like. These pinned posts appear on a user’s profile which can be grouped into various boards, each with a particular theme. One can view other user’s boards and posts in order to discover new content. As you can guess, it is a visually-driven platform with all posts involving photo or video content. Below each post is a spot for text descriptions and another area for user comments. The network truly has great business potential. Many companies already experience the benefits Pinterest has to offer, specifically in terms of user engagement and conversions.


What do users like most about Pinterest?


Pinterest is predominantly used by a female audience with 92% of all pins made by women, according to Shopify. However, you shouldn’t rule out male audiences on the platform – these will just tend to be smaller than female audiences. The social media platform has its appeal in the ability to create a variety of boards each with its own theme. This allows users to easily organize a variety of posts that interest them for one reason or another. Also, it allows one to craft boards that other users who are interested in a particular subject would find useful. We should mention that infographics have also become extremely popular on this platform. With that said, Pinterest is based heavily around content creation and curation by its many users. The bottom line is that it is a visually-driven platform. However, the best posts are ones that combine visual appeal with relevancy and useful information. We’ll show you how to do that next.


Specific tactics and strategies to drive traffic with Pinterest.


Here are 8 ways you can get started with Pinterest to help grow your business.


1) Sign up for a Business Account and use rich pins. The first step is to sign up for a Pinterest Business Account so you can utilize Rich Pins. These are special types of pins that are intended to drive sales. Rich pins contain additional information (beyond just photo and description) such as pricing, availability and so on. Also, when rich pins are pinned by a user, that user is notified of any future price drop in a further attempt to induce sales.


2) Focus on “pin-ability.” You want to create or share content that others will likely want to pin as well. This is how content spreads around Pinterest after all.


3) Consider the bigger picture. By this, we mean that you should consider the lifestyles associated with your particular product or your target audience. By focusing on this broader picture, it will help you to build boards that do more than just showcase all of your products. It works best to pin other content that complements your products. This will help to attract users since they won’t feel like you’re just trying to sell them your products.


4) Link posts to external content. In the description section of each post you have the ability to include external links. This is a great way to drive traffic to your main site. For example, if you’ve posted an infographic on Pinterest that came from a blog post of yours, you can link back to that blog post in the description.


5) Run contests. Who doesn’t love contests? This is a great way to garner engagement from users in exchange for a little incentive.


6) Leverage influencers. We’ve seen it on Snapchat and Instagram Stories where users host account takeovers featuring popular influencers. The same can be done on Pinterest by having an influencer create a guest board on your profile. This way, you can tap into their fan base. It makes the most sense when they attract a similar audience to the one you are targeting.


7) Leverage user-generated content (UGC). Take advantage of your followers and use content they have created – it’s even better if it relates to your brand.


8) Consider mobile users. You should also consider that an increasing amount of daily traffic comes from mobile platforms. Keep this is mind as you publish content. It’s the reason why longer photos perform better than wider ones.


And just remember, sales happen even after a post is pinned by a user. Think of it this way. If you aren’t quite ready to purchase something and want to think about it, you can pin it to view later. This is common for users as they tend to do this and then select from their assortment of pins later on. Now that you have some actionable tips to put your Pinterest strategy into play, let’s see it!


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