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Top US Commodity-Based Companies

By: Elite Legacy Education, August 14, 2017

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the alternative ways to trade in commodities. Whether it’s directly in commodity markets or by investing in companies that operate in commodity-based industries (LINK TO PAST ARTICLE). Well now we’re going to share some of the top US companies in each of the different commodity markets. We’re going to look at everything from gold to oil to crop seeds and more. Let’s get started.


  • Gold - The largest US gold company is Newmont Mining. It is listed on the S&P 500 Index under NEM and it should be noted that it’s the only gold company on the US stock index. Based in Colorado, this mining company has gold mines everywhere from the US to Africa (Ghana) to South America (Peru) to Australia and other Oceanic regions (Indonesia and New Zealand). In fact, a couple of the largest players in the industry are Barrick Gold and Goldcorp – both based in Canada.


  • Oil and gas - The largest oil and gas companies in the US are Exxon Mobile, Valero Energy and Chevron Corporation. Exxon Mobil is based out of Texas and is traded on multiple US stock indices. From the NYSE (XOM) to the Dow Jones, as well as the S&P 100 and S&P 500. Valero Energy Corporation is also based in Texas and is traded on the NYSE, as well as the S&P 500. Chevron Corporation is traded on all of the same stock indices as Exxon Mobil. Chevron has operations in more than 180 countries around the globe.


  • Silver - Three of the largest silver companies are based in the US – these include Silver Wheaton Corp., First Majestic Silver Corp., and Pan American Silver Corp. Starting with Silver Wheaton Corp., it is traded on the NYSE with the ticker symbol, SLW. Supposedly, its unique business model has made it one of the most successful silver companies in the world. Rather than partaking in extraction activities itself, the company invests in other companies that do this for them. This allows them to lock in favorable prices and save on the hefty overhead costs of mineral extraction. Second, we have First Majestic Silver Corp. which also trades on the NYSE, but under the symbol, AG. The company directly participates in the exploration and extraction from silver mines. Though, it is quite small when compared to Silver Wheaton Corp. Lastly, we have Pan American Silver Corp. which is listed on the NASDAQ with the ticker, PAAS. It too is much smaller than Silver Wheaton Corp. and is closer to the size of First Majestic.


  • Agricultural Commodities and Seeds - When it comes to discussing agricultural commodity companies, the lines become blurred. Specifically when dealing with crops like soybeans and corn, there are companies who sells these seeds to farmers. When doing so, it typically involves the seeds of more than just one type of crop. As such, it’s difficult to break the category of agricultural commodities into each separate product line since the incumbent companies compete across a variety of crops. With that in mind, we will discuss it as a whole and focus on the seed industry that fuels agriculture.


  • Beef - On the other hand, when it comes to dealing with livestock commodities, the majority of US players in the industry are privately held. This includes the likes of Cargill Inc. (Wichita, Kansas) and the National Beef Packing Co (Kansas City, Missouri). Although, there is one major US-based beef company that is publicly traded. In fact, they go by the name of Tyson Foods. Its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TSN.


And this only skims the surface of all the commodity-based companies in the US, let alone around the globe. If you decide to invest in commodity-based companies, you can level the stock market playing field once you know what the professional traders know. Our Elite Legacy Education instructors will introduce you to the trading strategies that produce potential profit when stock prices are falling, as well as ways to lock in gains, reduce risk, and squeeze extra money out of stocks in your portfolio.

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