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7 Things to Look for in Foreign Real Estate Deals

By: Elite Legacy Education, March 27, 2017

7 Things to Look for in Foreign Real Estate Deals

It’s one thing to be aware of your home country’s real estate and investing regulations. When it comes to another country however, you must do your due diligence and make sure you know what you’re getting into. You will want to understand any fine print associated with doing business in another country, adhere to their customs and of course, be able to spot a good business deal. With that said, here are seven things to look for when it comes to investing in foreign real estate.

  1. Regulations for foreign investors. The first thing to research are the regulations surrounding foreign investment. You just never know. Some countries may be extremely welcoming to the idea in order to help jumpstart their economy, while others may have limitations in place. Some countries or regions even try to reduce the amount of foreign investment for one reason or another.
  1. Growth in tourism. It’s no doubt that tourism can support a nation’s economy if it becomes a popular enough destination spot. Not only does the tourism industry boom, but all of the related industries benefit. A country is typically bound to benefit from foreign dollars coming in. In terms of tourism, you will want to look at both foreign and domestic growth rates. Having areas that attract high rates of domestic tourism is always a good thing. That way, the country won’t strictly be relying on foreign tourism. Strong foreign tourism is also a key factor to look for. Either domestic or foreign, high levels of tourism are always beneficial for property owners in terms of rental income.
  1. Investment into infrastructure. Look at what the government is investing into a particular country or area. If they are taking on projects that will increase the overall quality of life and the accessibility of the country, those are good signs. Accessibility should be gauged based on getting to the country in the first place (i.e., airport), as well as ground transportation (buses, etc.). This could assist in raising property values in the area.
  1. Consider the social elements of the population. As nations develop and their people are entering higher socioeconomic classes (even middle class) at increasing rates, they will typically have greater spending power. Increased domestic spending will benefit the nation’s economy too. Not only that, but there’s a chance that this could lead to a stronger rental market for you as a property owner.
  1. Current property prices. If you can get into the market before prices rise, then you will have more to gain. Consider how property prices have behaved in an area over recent years to determine whether you think it’s a bargain or not.
  1. Special opportunities for private investment. We mentioned in our first point that some companies may resist foreign investment. However, some countries will welcome it. Sometimes you may even find special opportunities for private investors. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these if everything seems right with the deal.
  1. Business investment. Is the country or a particular area attracting investments from businesses? If so, then it could make it more attractive for you as an investor. After all, business investment tends to lead to more jobs. More jobs will bring more money into the economy and in the hands of its citizens. This could be beneficial as a property owner.

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