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Hottest Global Real Estate Markets for 2017

By: Elite Legacy Education, March 6, 2017

Hottest Global Real Estate Markets for 2017

Travelling and exploring the world is one of life’s greatest opportunities. Imagine being able to incorporate travel as a regular part of your job? Then you’d have all the more reason to get out and explore the world, right? If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then let’s take your real estate game to the next level. Here we are going to list some of the hottest global real estate markets for 2017.

You may notice that a lot of these places make great vacation spots. In fact, this has partly to do with what is positioning these locations as some of the hottest upcoming markets. You’re going to want to get on these deals while prices are still low and the local economies are ready to boom.


Brazil (Ceara)

Bringing in a large crowd of domestic tourism, as well as increasing foreign tourism this is a hotspot for investment. The fact that domestic tourism is strong helps to relieve the reliance on foreign tourists. It will be undergoing further development in the near future, while its currency is weak and attractive to foreign investors. The potential for rental income is still high and offers a promising outlook.


Mexico (Playa del Carmen)

Although property prices aren’t necessarily as cheap as others on this list, Playa del Carmen is another popular spot for tourists. It is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in the Riviera Maya and presents a strong opportunity for rental income. Not to mention that your expenses will be paid in pesos giving you an upper hand if your nation’s currency is performing well against it. Lastly, the market here is quite liquid which is always a bonus as you reach the time to sell.


Panama (Cocle)

This area of Panama is attracting attention in the agricultural world – particularly for its organic crops. With investors focusing on this area, prices are bound to respond. Don’t miss out on this chance.


Dominican Republic (Las Terrenas)

A favorite travel spot for many this area presents a great real estate investment opportunity too. Compared to other areas nearby, the property prices here are incredible. Again, this is a growing tourist destination which helps to increase the demand for rentals.


Cape Verde

Cape Verde is home to some of the nicest beaches on our planet. It’s only a matter of time before we see this economy expand. Not to mention that they are already investing in such growth and providing special opportunities to private investors. It’s worth looking into, especially if you love the beach.


Colombia (Cali and Bogota)

Colombia is next on our list, particularly the cities of Cali and Bogota. Each of these locations offers great prices on real estate with growing rental markets – particularly for tourists. Both Bogota and Cali are growing in terms of tourism to become hot travel spots in Colombia. Other social factors, like a growing middle class, suggest this economy is ready to grow.


Portugal (Algarve and Lisbon)

You might have been starting to think that the entire list was comprised of South American countries, but here’s a surprise – Portugal. Well, perhaps maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise since all signs are pointing in its direction. Specifically, you will want to focus on the cities of Algarve and Lisbon. Both of these locations offer affordable property prices and increasing levels of tourism. Algarve, being a beachfront town has tight regulations addressing property construction which is thought to help preserve the value of real estate here.


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