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Using Instagram for Your Real Estate Business

By: Elite Legacy Education, January 9, 2017

Using Instagram for Your Real Estate Business

Instagram is a goldmine compared to other social media platforms in terms of its highly active user base.  Companies of all sorts have something to gain by strategically incorporating Instagram into their marketing operations – and especially real estate agents.

Why does Instagram play a key role in marketing?

Instagram is a great way to get your company profile and photos in front of new viewers. Keep in mind that you can attempt to convert these users into leads. Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram’s sorting features and user interface provide a winning combination. Specifically, it is very easy for users to find new content from accounts that they may not already be following, simply by visiting the “Explore” tab. Between all of the hashtags and geo location tags, it’s an effective way to reach new audiences relevant to your target market.


Here are some types of posts that you could publish as a real estate agent:

Property Listings

I’m sure that you’ve come across some gorgeous looking properties while browsing Instagram – so why not take advantage of the visually-oriented platform yourself? Your property could just catch a potential customer’s eye. That said, make sure you post the best photo of the property whether it’s an interior or exterior shot – the choice is yours. And if you prefer videos over photos, don’t hold back.

Once you’ve done that, carefully write the photo’s caption in a way that will guide the viewer’s attention to the link in your Instagram profile. You can write something along the lines of “Visit the link in my bio for the full property listing.” Don’t hesitate to get creative with your call-to-action, since the goal is to direct them from the post to the link. Ideally, this will link to your website or some other relevant page where they can schedule a viewing.


Behind the Scenes

People don’t always want to see business-related posts or constant advertising, so make sure you break it up with some other type of posts. If all you are posting is property after property, users will realize that you’re just trying to sell to them and may be deterred. Instead, you can have some fun and give people a behind the scenes look of your real estate business, including:

  • The team you work with
  • The people you get to meet on the job
  • The community that you are based in


This will help add a human element to your business and allow people to associate a face with the brand – this helps to make you much more approachable. So be sure to take advantage of behind-the-scenes posts we’ve discussed here, as well as some informative posts, which are next on the list.


Informative Posts

One of the more common types of Instagram posts as of late include a background graphic with a quote placed over it. Feel free to use this format with relevant quotes or helpful pieces of advice for potential homebuyers. Or maybe you want to provide informative posts through infographics which are easy to consume from a user standpoint. But don’t forget, the photo’s caption is an excellent place to elaborate and provide further thought as it relates to the image content. Generally, you will want to provide inspirational, motivational and educational content that will help potential homebuyers in their decision-making process.


Now that we’ve provided three different types of posts, here are additional tactics for capitalizing on each of your Instagram posts:

Location Tags

It wouldn’t make sense to advertise your property listings to people who are halfway across the world right? Realistically, unless they plan on moving across the globe then they won’t have much interest in buying real estate in your locale. Instagram has this lovely feature to help you overcome this obstacle – location tags. By using location tags, your posts will be shown to more users who are already nearby. This will make your post more relevant to those who see it and thus, more likely to spark interest.


Link in Bio

The link in your profile bio will be the Holy Grail of your Instagram funnel. Specifically, you will use it to guide each user to the next step of the buying process. In the case of a property listing post, this next step would mean leading the user to schedule a viewing. Of course, you can post any link of your choice, whether it be your website, another social media profile or some other external source. All we ask is that you choose wisely.


Building Your Network by Leveraging Your Current Audience

Wouldn’t you love to have your current Instagram following help to bring in new leads with barely any effort on your end? Of course you do and here’s how. The key is to include a call-to-action in the post caption that will encourage users to tag a friend in the comments. An example would be to include something like “tag a friend who would love this property” or “tag a friend who needs to see this.” Remember, this doesn’t just have to be for property listings, it could be for any type of post that will help to draw users into your profile.

Another way of doing this is by posting a photo with some happy new homeowners that you’ve helped to find a home and then tagging them in it for their friends to see. You could take this a step further and ask them to repost the photo and tag you in it. This will make it appear on their main profile feed when other users view it. Just make sure to show your appreciation for their efforts! In the grand scheme of things, it’s much more efficient than having them pass along your name to everyone they know. Essentially, this all comes back to the idea of leveraging social influence. The bottom line is that when your clients’ friends see that they’re happy with their new house purchase, it will go a long way to gaining their trust.


Engage with Your Audience

Social media distinguishes itself through the social aspect, so don’t be afraid to engage in conversation with your Instagram followers. It can be anything from replying to users who post comments, answering questions, or giving a quick thank you. It’s an opportunity to build rapport and we all know how important that is as a real estate agent.


Promote Other Social Platforms You Use

If you’re already utilizing social media for your real estate business (which you should be) then take advantage of Instagram to drive traffic to other online profiles of yours. This is another way to add some variety to your posts by throwing in the odd one that promotes, say your Facebook profile. You may as well reap the full benefits of your efforts and this is one easy way to do so.


Most importantly, Instagram is a pleasant way to stay top of mind without getting in your clients’ and soon-to-be clients’ face too often.

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