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Using Facebook for Your Real Estate Business

By: Elite Legacy Education, December 1, 2016

Using Facebook for Your Real Estate Business

Facebook has been around quite some time now and is always introducing new features for its users – both consumers and businesses. This is not an article that’s going to tell you to build a Facebook page for your real estate business and invite everyone on your friends list, while encouraging them to do the same with their friends. This goes without saying since these are basic first steps to get started using Facebook for your real estate business. Rather, we’re going to focus on some new features that provide very interesting opportunities for marketing and user experience.

The two features we will be focusing on are Live Chat and 360-Degree Photos.

Each feature does exactly as its name suggests. Live Chat allows you to broadcast a live video feed that is recorded and can also be viewed after the fact. Meanwhile, the second feature refers to a semi-virtual reality 360-degree photo taking option that is interactive on mobile devices.


How can I use Facebook’s Live Chat feature for my real estate business?

We have identified a couple of ways to incorporate Facebook’s Live Chat feature into your real estate business. The first use takes place during an open house. In theory, you could use this feature while conducting one. By doing so, you are able to extend the invitation to anyone else who may be unable to physically view the location, but is still interested in seeing the property. A word of caution though, don’t let your Facebook live chat interrupt those who took the time to visit the location in person. After all, there’s a reason they’ve come all this way and set time aside to do so. Provide them the attention they deserve.

The second use takes advantage of live chat beyond just property viewings. Maybe you want to make yourself available at certain times so potential home buyers could ask you questions about buying a home in general. This allows you to gradually build rapport by offering some obligation-free value and insights to potential buyers. People are more likely to remember you as a friendly, helpful real estate agent by doing this. It helps to show your genuine interest in helping your clients find the right home.


How can I use 360-degree photos on Facebook for my real estate business?

Essentially, these 360-degree photos can provide a unique perspective into the properties for sale compared to traditional photos. You can also play into the excitement of the user experience tied to this new feature. This is especially true when people view it on mobile devices, since it really gives the effect that you’re in the room itself. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the feature, you actually have to move your mobile device in different directions to view different parts of the room.

This only skims the surface compared to what virtual reality will do to the real estate business. It’s worth noting that these 360-degree photos are a fraction of the cost (i.e.,it’s free to actually create the video) compared to virtual reality imaging services.

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We’ll end with a bonus tip to help you leverage your client’s networks.

This is a final friendly tip to help you take advantage of Facebook for your real estate business. With the agreement of any clients, tag them in photos related to the relevant property. For example, if you help them buy a home then you can tag them in a post mentioning the sale of that home. Think about if you were to ask a client to spread the word with each and every person they may be connected with online. You probably wouldn’t in the first place and even if you did, it’s unlikely they would mention it every time they spoke to someone new. By tagging them in the photos, you can accomplish all of that in a fraction of the time. Now, all of their connections and friends on Facebook will see that you helped them buy or sell their house.

Go implement one of these Facebook practices today and see how theyhelpyour real estate business.

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