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Where Can I Find a Good Logo for My Business Card?

By: Elite Legacy Education, September 28, 2016

Where Can I Find a Good Logo for My Business Card?


One of the biggest trends that has emerged in business card design within the past decade is the appearance of eye-catching and memorable visuals. Gone are the days of the plain-Jane cards that had your information typed in simple text. If you are looking to make a serious investment in your business card as an indirect way to generate wealth through the power of networking, read on!

Given that we are visual creatures, we tend to look for things that are most appealing to the naked eye. What is the most important visual that any business can provide to customers as a way of standing out from the rest of the pack? Their logo!

Believe us when we say that the logo is one of the most defining aspects of any business. The logo is your brand––a direct representation of your company. It is a visual expression of what your company stands for and what it values most. As superficial as it is to say, a logo can make or break the difference between an average business and a top-tier business.

Take the symbol of an apple used by Apple. Whenever you see it on the streets, you immediately know who it is and what they sell. You don’t need to look for any spelling or further details because your mind automatically associates the image with that company. The symbol also evokes any associations that you have with that company. This is powerful psychology that you can tailor to your advantage.

This leaves you with the question of where you can find a good logo for your business card. The following websites can help connect you with design professionals who can create a logo for your business.

1) Fiverr.com:a great resource for businesses who want to outsource their logo without breaking the bank. For a low cost, you can browse through profiles of countless talented designers who will create a logo for you within a short time period. You can also try Upwork.com, but be warned that well-designed logos command top-tier prices.

2) 99Designs.ca: you submit information about your company, what you do, and what you are looking for in your business logo. Several professional designers will get to work and provide you with multiple designs to choose from. Once you are satisfied with a logo design, you pay the website and the logo is now yours to use. Be warned––you will be paying at least $300 for a well-designed logo!

Where else can you go to find logos that can be created for you and your business? Share your resources on social.

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