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RESS Software & Tutorials

Real Estate Success Software

Searching for Properties: Adding to My Properties and property analysis

Understanding the core functions of this powerful software.

  • Discover ways to conduct a basic property search and get details on the owner, property characteristics, and sales and tax information.
  • View the property and surrounding areas using one of several available maps: aerial, hybrid, street views, and value heat map.
  • View details on comparable and neighboring properties, sales reports, and community profiles.
  • Use the analysis wizard to calculate mortgage and closing costs, total rehab and improvement expenses, and monthly income and operating expenses.

Finding Profitable Real Estate Trends

See how RESS technology helps you pinpoint future profit potential.

  • View powerful ways to spot trends and analyze their potential.
  • Compare trends in different markets and I.D. the strongest.
  • Use the Microsoft Virtual Earth trending heat map to locate, view, and compare selected areas and properties.
  • Know the bottom line impact of key metrics including estimated value, square foot, lot size, bedrooms, and more.
  • Form growth projections for 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

Cash Buyers Search

The Cash Buyers feature allows you to find investors and buyers that have purchased properties for all cash in your areas. These buyers are an excellent lead and marketing base to flip your properties.

  • Search by City or Zip Code.
  • Search by an individual's name or by company (See All the Properties they Own!)
  • Search for Out of State or Absentee Owners.
  • Export your results in Excel for use in Marketing Materials and Mailers

Easy to Use Property Analysis Wizard

The Six-Step Analysis Wizard lets you calculate the upfront and on-going costs, expenses, and income for your commercial or residential properties.

  • Calculate Mortgage payments and Closing Costs
  • Home Inspection & Repair Calculator
  • Unit-by-Unit Rental Analysis
  • Generate Expenses and Income Reports
  • Pre and Post Tax Cash Flow Reporting
  • Print Presentation-ready property analysis reports
  • Premium property value reports

My Properties

The My Properties area of the software is where all of your saved properties are kept.

  • Each property in the My Properties section has its own homepage where you can view full property information, run comps, analyze the property and much more.

Additonal Features

Draw Search Feature – Within the Foreclosure Search menu found on the Lobby screen, you are now able to freely drawn your search parameters for foreclosures and pre-foreclosures by a series of clicks  

Search Button - 
Within in the Compare tab found on the Tending screen, you may now search for foreclosures and pre-foreclosures within the corresponding search shape created  

Also found on the Trending screen, within the Find It tab, you may now search within your desired search criteria for foreclosures and pre-foreclosures by drawing a shape around the area you are interested in and using the Search button found in the tools menu
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