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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Kristyne Stephens

Real Estate Mentor / EREC Trainer

Kristyne started in Real Estate in 1995 as a real estate agent. In February 2002, her broker asked her to teach the new real estate agents in the office what she knew. During this time, she created 30 different training classes on everything from networking and filling out paperwork to putting the deals together. Kristyne quickly discovered that she loved teaching.

In April of 2005, Kristyne was asked to coach for Elite Legacy. She has been training investors ever since. She has coached a variety of students such as students who have never even purchased their own home, to students that already have 55 investment properties.

Kristyne currently resides in Utah. She especially loves to teach lease options and foreclosures. With foreclosures, everyone wins. You are helping sellers out of a bad situation. Lease options are a fantastic way to get into properties with virtually no out of pocket expense. They generate cash flow with minimum risk and maintenance.

Kristyne has been in real estate for 24 years now. She is familiar with the market and how to run the numbers quickly so that you don’t waste time on deals that won’t work. She can help you determine if a seller is motivated or not so that you aren’t working with sellers who won’t work with you. She knows what you are looking for in a power team and how to find those people. Kristyne also knows how to negotiate with sellers and present offers in a way that sellers will understand and want to work with you.

Kristyne’s investing motto is that we are there to help people solve their real estate issues. There are a lot of people out there who cannot solve their problem with their real estate without our help. They may have inherited a beat-up property or had a bad tenant or life may have kicked them in the teeth and they can no longer hang on to the property. As a result, they need us. We have the skills to help them.

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