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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Noah Davidson

Basic Trainer / Mentor / Elite Trainer

Noah is the principal author of the Master Trader Course for our company, and the co-developer of the Advanced Technical Analysis Course. He joined our organization in 2004 as a trading coach and in 2007 joined the prestigious ranks of our Elite Training instructors.

In 2008 Noah threw his hat into the ring as a personal mentor. In 2007 Noah was recognized as our companies “Most Valuable Player” and in 2008 as “Trainer of the Year.” Noah has spent the last decade developing and honing his trading skills. Noah started out in the financial industry selling technical analysis software and during that time he fell in love with the markets. Because of his position, Noah enjoyed unfettered access to some of the brightest minds and the best tolls that this industry has to offer.

While attending the University of Utah, Noah stumbled upon a cleaver quote from Woodrow Wilson that has stuck with him, and has since become his personal mantra, “I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” Noah’s goal is to help each of his students understand that in addition to their own personal efforts, it is important to be able to “borrow brains” from time to time. Noah prides himself on being accessible to his students before, during, and after the scheduled mentorship. Noah feels that if he personally had not had access to some “borrowed brains” from highly skilled traders, he would not be where his today – in a position to help other people learn valuable skills.

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