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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Keith King

Mentor / Inner Circle Mentor / Elite Trainer

Keith has been a mentor, coach and trainer with our organization since November, 2005. Located in Providence, RI, Keith has 29-years of experience trading the financial markets.

Keith enjoys teaching and trading all the financial instruments that our organization teaches in our Elite trainings: stocks, options, option strategies futures and forex. He gained experience trading stocks over a 21-year career as a floor trader and market maker through various stock exchanges, before joining our organization as a mentor. After joining our organization, and studying all our classes, Keith prefers using stock options as an alternative to trading stocks, in most cases. He also enjoys following and trading the futures and forex markets.

Keith utilizes his extensive trading experience over 20 years as a floor trader, in conjunction with our organization’s course materials, to help clients learn about all areas of trading financial markets. With his experience, he’s prepared to mentor all of our students, regardless of their trading skills and knowledge. He really enjoys working with our students, especially complete trading novices, to help them learn the trading skills needed to achieve their trading goals. If a student is more advanced, he has the knowledge and skills necessary to also help them develop as financial market traders.

Perhaps the most important trading skill he’s learned from his days on exchange trading floors is that the best thing a student can do to become a successful trader is to learn proper risk management skills. Most of the business he handled on the trading floor was institutional in nature, and he could not have succeeded trading very large position sizes from institutional sources, if he did not develop very affective risk management skills. Keith also works with students to help them develop an individual trading plan, specific to their own needs, skill level and risk tolerance limits. Together, we also develop a Daily Trading routine and a Playbook, again specifically designed to their individual situation and requests.

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