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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Larry Schooler

Inner Circle Mentor / Elite Trainer / EREC Trainer

Larry served in the Navy after college and then enjoyed a 25+ year career in the corporate banking world. Larry started with the company as a student around 1998 doing wholesale, buy and hold rentals as well as new construction duplex flip deals. Using one of the strategies taught to him as a student he was also able to purchase rental property using his self-directed IRA account.

Larry joined the company in 2000 as a live Mentor and mentored for several years before becoming an Elite advanced trainer. Larry now teaches online Creative Finance and Domestic Land Development, hosts an EREC lab and is an Inner Circle Phone mentor. In 2005, Larry and his wife were inducted into the Legacy Hall of Fame. Larry feels his background has allowed him to customize his mentoring and teaching style to best match a student’s learning style, allowing for the best possible outcome for the student.

In 2006 Larry was invited to Costa Rica by a business associate and became very interested in doing real estate development there. He was asked in 2008 to assume the trainer duties for the International Land Development class. As part of his foreign land development experiences Larry and several partners established and he still manages two real estate syndications that purchased over 1650 acres of land in the mid-Pacific portion of Costa Rica. A fair portion of his time is currently spent working with several groups of international investment funders and developers for the development of an eco-sustainable wellness resort complex on the property there.

Larry and his wife have recently fulfilled a dream of purchasing a small commercial blueberry farm near FT Knox, KY. They enjoy the beauty and calm of a country living style while also using his years of business management experience to manage the commercial aspects of the farm operation as well as his domestic rental portfolio.

Larry’s investing philosophy stresses that the pace of getting started is different for each student. What is important is getting there, not how fast you get there. It's more of a marathon than a sprint.

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