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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Michael Boyd

Inner Circle Mentor / Real Estate Coach

Michael has been in your shoes: he was told to work hard and graduate from college, find a job in the workforce with great benefits, and to budget wisely and it would all pan out. Yet something was missing, something was itching at him causing him to think there was something better as he continued to pour hours making money for someone else.

Then Michael finally read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in 2011. What transformed him then and still to this day started him down the path to be a Real Estate Investor in just a short time after joining our organization in the summer of 2012. While working 90+ hour work weeks in his oil field profession, he still found the time with some help to begin to build his rental portfolio in his hometown of Houston, Texas. What started with one, and then two, and now has led him to the path as a full-time real estate investor since the summer of 2014.

Since then Michael has acquired and sold multiple properties utilizing the strategies of Flipping, Owner Financing, Wholesaling, Purchasing in a Self-Directed IRA, and Landlording. Michael primarily focuses in single family residential homes using the strategies of wholesaling, flipping, and landlording.

He has learned that a great foundation is instrumental to any investing career, however, one of the keys is having a great mindset and willingness to listen and learn. What he knows is that not only can he teach you a thing or two about real estate, but that in the process of teaching you, you will also be teaching him as well. Michael will work with you to break through your walls that are holding you back and to become the most successful real estate investor that you are meant to be.

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