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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Monica Decker

Mentor / Inner Circle Mentor / Elite Trainer

In 2008, Monica Decker completed her first rehab project in Fayetteville, NC. This home had been her personal residence and needed work before it could be sold. She stumbled through this process without having any knowledge about rehabbing, contractors, supplies, or “comps”. It was that first project that sparked her passion for real estate as a means to create and maintain wealth.

Monica discovered Elite Legacy Education in 2011 and began her financial education. She took the knowledge gained from her classes and mentors and successfully implemented the strategies she learned. In just two short years, Monica was inducted into the 2013 Hall of Fame.

Before her financial revolution in real estate, Monica earned a B.S. in Psychology from Weber State University and a M.S. in Community Service from Michigan State University. Monica’s unique background, skill set, and perspective as a mental health professional allows her to help students overcome their worries, fears, self doubts, and anxiety to transform their goals and dreams into reality. Her coaching philosophy is to get students to take appropriate action, overcome fear, prioritize time and resources, and hold each student accountable so that massive results are achieved. Monica’s goal as a coach is to identify and break down barriers, facilitate success quickly, and ensure positive momentum is maintained.

Monica specializes in rehabbing locally and remotely, building power teams nationwide, single and multi-family buy and hold, property management, lease option, wholesale, private/hard money, asset protection, and creative deal structure. Her lead generating techniques include direct mail campaigns, probate, bird dogs, FSBO, realtor hot lists, and referrals from her network.

She resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband and their three children and conducts business nationwide.

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