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Top Branding & Marketing Strategies - EBS

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Course Videos
EBS - Top Branding & Marketing Strategies
Module 01 - The State of the Union
Module 02 - Getting Intimate With Your Business
Module 04 - Modernizing Your Business
Module 03 - Building a Brand That Lasts
Module 05 - The Customer
Module 06 - Business Marketing & Sales Part I
Module 07 - Business Marketing & Sales Part II
Module 08 - Lead Generation Jungle Part I
Module 09 - Lead Generation Jungle Part II
Module 10 - Leverage
Module 11 - Business Growth Strategies
Module 12 - Business Legacy

Course Description

This training is designed to help you understand the keys to powerful branding and marketing.

With the proper branding and marketing in place, your business will stand out from the competition. Discover tested strategies for growth and customer loyalty as well as ways to utilize technology to build your business the smart way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the keys to building a powerful brand
  • Gain a deeper understanding of marketing and lead generation
  • Learn the fundamentals of customer acquisitions, life cycle retention and loyalty
  • Examine business growth principles and strategies
  • Identify and utilize technology to grow your business

This Course Is Right For:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a strong brand presence
  • Business owners who want to understand the principles of customer acquisition and dynamic business growth


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