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Banking Relationships & Short Sale Systems

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Course Videos
Banking Relationships & Short Sales Webinar
Session 01
Session 02
Session 03
Session 04
Session 05
Session 06
Livestream Recordings - October 2014
10/17/2014 - LiveStream Recording
10/18/2014 - LiveStream Recording
10/19/2014 - LiveStream Recording

Course Description

In today's real estate market, many homeowners are turning to the short sale process as means of avoiding foreclosure. This presents an almost unprecedented opportunity for an astute real estate investor.

Course Objectives:
  • Understanding mortgage terminology & products
  • Mastering the loan application process
  • Reviewing the foreclosure process
  • Knowing how to market for pre-foreclosures
  • Developing negotiating skills with homeowners & lenders
  • Building rapport with loss mitigation representatives
  • Exploring the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act
  • Understanding credit scoring & credit repair techniques
  • Evaluating a settlement statement (HUD statement)
  • Gaining the ability to read appraisals
  • Understanding the CAMELS and how the FDIC utilizes this information
  • Discovering the lender’s assets & liabilities and how foreclosures affect lenders
  • Understanding titles & deeds • Preparing short sale proposals
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